Bride:  Pan Ke  
Nickname:  Pan Ke Ba  
Nationality:  Chinese  
Education:  Master in Enterprise Administration  
Groom:  Samuel Thomas Green  
Nickname:  Tangyuan  
Nationality:  American  
Education:  MBA, Master of Finance  
Dating for:  2 years  
Engaged for:    
Bible Verse:  Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16  
What did Pan Ke say when Sam started to propose?
1. Please, do not do this here.
2. Yes! Of course!
3. Are you breaking up with me?
4. What are you talking about?
5. It is about time!
Where were Sam and Pan Ke when he proposed to her?
1. In her Tianjin home, following a homecooked meal.
2. In Paris, after watching Eiffel Tower fireworks.
3. Apart, using MSN and their web cameras.
4. At her Pau apartment, during a romantic movie.
5. On a gondola in Venice, while looking at stars.

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